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Our Catering Services


Cafe Posh’s professional catering services offer Simona’s signature blend of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean flavors and freshly baked goods into your home and/or office.  Wholesome, Garden-fresh, Pure and Simple, no complicated names no chemical experiments, to make your catering something everyone will remember.
Office catering is designed to be served on platters, either disposable or reusable bamboo for buffet style set up.    We also offer meal boxes as an option for individual breakfast, lunch or dinner.    The biodegradable meal boxes are carefully labeled.

Your meal will be carefully crafted and transported from our Kitchen to you. Upon arrival, we will set up and return to collect any wares we leave with you for the meal.  Labels clearly will identify the dishes.  We provide timely deliveries by trained food handlers who ensure proper set up as per your specific delivery instructions.

Private Catering is designed to be served Family- Style in disposable hotel pans.  Your meal can be delivered with enough notice or picked up at your own convenience.  For each private event, we will try to match your desired vision.

Tucked neatly by the door a ‘grab and go’ section offers our delicious daily made soups, dips, mezze, salads, and handcrafted wines to take home.  Daily baked goods such as Laffa, Mini Pita, Desserts and lots of delicious Cookies, Muffins and Sweet Breads are available for sale daily.  Fridays through Sundays we offer Challah, Chocolate and Cinnamon Babka.  Our grab and go section allow our guests to be carefree about their dining plans, last minute guests, or in a hurry day.

We offer chef prepared foods, support local farms, locally owned purveyors, and safeguard the environment by constantly upgrading to products that protect it.

Our ingredients are pure, simple, and grown to make you feel good.  Our fresh and vibrant dishes are passionately crafted from scratch.  The atmosphere is alive, thriving and electric during mornings and daytime as diners enjoy dining in and shopping our daily market selections of ready prepared foods and baked goods.  As the evening sets, our lights dim, the music changes and we deliver the perfect evening ambiance and menu choices.